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Xbox Game Controller

The Xbox Game Controller is a component of a common video game console that controls the virtual character of the game by manipulating its buttons and so on.
The standard configuration of the gamepad is established and implemented by Nintendo. It includes: cross key (direction), ABXY key (action - also the hardware manufacturer uses different method markers, but the arrangement is roughly the same), select and pause button (menu ) These three control buttons. Foreign countries mainly host handles, Microsoft's XBOX series and SONY's PS series.
Most of China's multi-mode compatible handles are implemented by Beitong game controllers, including: mainstream computers (PCs), smart phones, and smart TVs.
Handle classification
According to the use, it is divided into: PC game controller and mobile game console.
According to the connection type: wired game controller, wireless game controller.
After 1984, the function of the handle began to improve. In 1999, the gamepad added force feedback and vibration effects. In order to match the use of the computer, the handle was also equipped with a USB interface. Up to now, the handle has been able to bring players a very close to the real game experience.
Most of the Xbox Game Controllers are designed with the arrow keys on the left and the action buttons on the right. In the third generation of video games released by FC game consoles, the joystick replaced the joystick, paddle and keypad as the default game manipulator included in the system. A controller with 8 orientations of Directional-pad (D-pad) and 2 or more action buttons became the standard at the time.
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