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Playstation 4 Game Controller

Playstation 4 game controller (hereinafter referred to as PS4 gamepad) inherits the basic concept and design concept of DUALSH OCK3(hereinafter referred to as PS3 gamepad) wireless controller, which is widely supported by users. The highly sensitive six-axis detection system, together with the natural and intuitive operation of the touch magnetic plate on the front of the controller, brings a rich game experience.
The PS4 game controller also has a stereo headphone/microphone connector. PS4 users can enjoy high-pitched sound effects from their controllers as well as TV speakers. When playing online games, you only need to use the wireless controller of PS4 gamepad and the microphone group of mono earphone attached to PS4 to talk with your playmates and provide a deeper level of game fun.
PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Controller changes the chaos of the controller. You can customize your face buttons, PS home button, touchpad, thumb lever, trigger and bumper, D-Pad and LED strips, and we work hard to meet your needs. You can even take a deeper look at custom splashes, personalized names and custom chaotic label graphics to personalize your character and make you proud of it.
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