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Playstation 3 Game Controller

Looking for playstation 3 game controller manufacturers in China? Targetever Technology is a professional company here with wholesale and customized service. Welcome to place OEM & ODM orders of playstation 3 game controller with our factory now.
Through the playstation 3 game controller, players will be able to play increasingly rich and beautiful content of mobile games through the familiar operating interface, with the image output function can play on the large screen TV, let the mobile phone become portable video game console.
The motion controller not only recognizes the movements of the upper, lower, right and left sides, but also senses changes in the Angle of the wrist. So whether it's something as fast as movement, or as thin as drawing with a pen, can you do it on the PlayStation? Move reappears one by one. This ontroller can also sense the depth of space, so that the player as if in the game, feel realistic game experience!
It supports 6-axis technology. The highly sensitive motion control system senses every movement you make, and the characters and objects in the game move and react as you tilt, push and shake the controller. An intuitive gaming experience with motion-sensing 6-axis technology.
Its super power supply enables ultra long standby. Built-in rechargeable large capacity lithium battery, support USB cable charging.