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Playstation Game Controller

The Playstation Game Controller is a device for controlling video games. For example: joystick, mouse or game board. When the game is on the computer, the keyboard and mouse replace the controller, and there are fixed buttons on the keyboard.
The earliest type of game controller was the GamePad, and then various Joysticks (some media, also known as joysticks, joysticks, or joysticks) entered the market in an overwhelming manner, with super players almost one. Then the professional steering wheel (Wheel & Pedal) became an essential "weapon" for super players. When the dream of flying blue sky in childhood is now "realized", when driving a warhawk to fight against the air, you can truly understand that the special equipment such as the steering wheel is absolutely indispensable in large action games.
Many gamers know that since the computer CPU has been processing faster and faster, some of the friends who originally visited the "arcade" (large game consoles seen in entertainment venues) have begun to switch to computer games. In order to cater to this part of the "player" needs, manufacturers have introduced a dedicated joystick with PC to make the computer game a "quality" leap.
Although the normal operation of the joystick to play the game is quite different from the keyboard and mouse, but in the real-life simulation game and in the soaring universe, loneliness, flying, anti-shooting and other difficult action games, the real sense Still unsatisfactory, the manufacturers continue to innovate, making the joystick and steering wheel with ForceBack function finally stand out.
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