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PC Game Controllers

A pc game controller is a device that controls video games. For example: joystick, mouse or board. When the game is on the computer, the keyboard and mouse replace the controller, and there are fixed keys on the keyboard.
It is because of the popularity of computer games that dedicated control devices for games have begun to attract the attention of game lovers. As many game lovers may have realized, it's not enough just to rely on the Keyboard, MOUSE, or the combination of the Keyboard and MOUSE to be able to operate in various games that are unpredictable and fiercely contested, which results in the emergence of special control devices for games.
PC game controller provides new, precise control of your favorite gaming experience. It lets you play the entire Steam game set on your TV, even for games that don't have controller support. It features dual touchpads, high-definition tactile feedback, dual-stage triggers, rear grip buttons and a fully customizable control solution. It can help you find your favorite mappings in the Steam community, or create and share your own mappings.
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