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PC Game Controller

The PC Game Controller can be divided into MIDI interface, serial port and recently launched USB interface and wireless interface connected to the sound card. The number of buttons is divided. In the past, the PC game controller only had 2 to 4 keys. It is a small-key joystick. Now the number of keys has been increased to 8 and 10, which is a multi-key joystick. In terms of interactivity, it is divided into a common game controller and a force feedback game controller.
From the versatility, it can be divided into ordinary controllers for various types of games and certain game controllers for certain games. These include: flying joysticks for flying games: steering wheel for racing games: dancing mats for dancing games: shooting games Special MOUSE: There are also 3D/VR joysticks in 3D games and so on. From the price point of view, the general control controllers that are generally used usually cost between 30 and 100 yuan, while the price of a dedicated game controller is relatively expensive, especially for a famous factory product, usually at a price of 100 to 700 or even thousands.
Working principle
Regardless of the interface, the basic working principle of the PC Game Controller is similar. The main body of the game controller is mainly composed of two parts, one is the direction axis with X and Y parameters, and the other is the button. Each of the four directions of the direction axis part has a metal piece sensor. When the corresponding direction is pressed, a corresponding electrical state is generated, which is transmitted to the PC through the interface for analysis, thereby determining the direction, and the button part usually has each button. Correspondence an address that produces the corresponding effect when pressed. This is how ordinary joysticks work.
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