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Xbox360 Game Controller Type
Sep 04, 2017

Xbox360 Game Controller type
Xbox360 Game Controller type 1
In the peak period of the students installed, the children love to play the nature of the computer game in the purchase of peripheral equipment on the performance, often in addition to the purchase of computers but also buy Xbox360 Game Controller or steering wheel and other equipment. After all, students studying in the sea in the summer finally get liberation, happy to play for some time. At this time the game peripherals how to buy the problem in front of us, because the market a wide range of products, and good and bad. Some products of high quality, but the price is not cheap, always give people the feeling of not affordable; and some low-cost products and poor workmanship, not only affect the fun of the game, but also affect the health of the finger joints; These two points have to cause our attention. In the end the game peripherals are contained in what technology, which type of product is suitable for their favorite game, what kind of product is inexpensive? You may have seen this article you will gain.
Xbox360 Game Controller Category:
1 use: fighting, racing, flying, other
The first is the fighting Xbox360 Game Controller, the so-called fighting use of the Xbox360 Game Controller is our most extensive sense of the Xbox360 Game Controller, the general shape is like FC red and white machine dual-axis four-button Xbox360 Game Controller, because This Xbox360 Game Controller is best suited for the third-person perspective of the fight against the game, so we call this the most extensive Xbox360 Game Controller for the fight Xbox360 Game Controller. In fact, in this Xbox360 Game Controller can be applied to the scope of the most extensive, not just fighting games, some racing, flying, and even the first-person perspective of the war game it can also be competent.
The second Xbox360 Game Controller type is the racing Xbox360 Game Controller, or more intuitive called the steering wheel. Because it looks and the real car steering wheel is no different, so called the steering wheel is more appropriate, of course, the steering wheel is also the most suitable for the car game. If you are the "Need for Speed" series of game enthusiasts, steering wheel will be your choice. Of course, the steering wheel is not just can only play racing games, some steering wheel products can also play fighting game. It should be noted that the steering wheel must be equipped with a pedal to simulate the most realistic driving environment. In foreign countries, individual manufacturers and even introduced a matching steering wheel of the bar, there are eight gears, when driving can also manually hang forward and reverse gear block.
The third is the flight of the Xbox360 Game Controller, generally also intuitive called the flying rocker or rocker. This joystick is designed to simulate the joystick in a helicopter, and it is free to shake it, and there are often multiple keys at the thumb to facilitate operation. As the flight game is often complicated operation, need more than one button at the same time control, the direction and need to be extremely accurate, so the production accuracy of the rocker are relatively high, the price is generally more expensive. But a lot of fans who are obsessed with the flight game or hope to have a rocker to round their own dream of flying (foreign flight game enthusiasts even have to buy a full set of flight suits and helmets, and sitting in a special cockpit to play flying games, really Can be described as "fever"). Another rocker is also suitable for playing the first-person perspective of the game, such as "Tomb Raider."
Other types of Xbox360 Game Controllers can not be called the real sense of the Xbox360 Game Controller (because not in the hands). This mainly includes some time ago popular dance blanket, drum machine, and 3D glasses. They belong to the PC game peripheral equipment, often game enthusiasts have to buy the product. For example, when playing racing games, not only have a hand of the steering wheel, the strength of the pedal, coupled with a 3D glasses, then start the car to that is really immersive. These products are often very strong timeliness, such as dance blanket is only all the rage, drum machine is also a similar rush passing, and 3D glasses due to the need for display at least 120Hz refresh rate, which also makes some consumers discouraged.