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XBOX360 And Xbox One What Is The Difference Between
Dec 01, 2016

Xbox One will not have the downward compatibility, this is because the system uses a variety of core infrastructure. Xbox One to use based on the AMD x86 architecture, and the XBOX360 uses a PowerPC architecture. Does not support XBOX360 games XBOX ONE. Player games do not need to be permanently online, the game must be installed to the hard drive in order to run games without inserting a disc.

XBOX ONE will be equipped with somatosensory peripheral Kinect 2.0 support to 30FPS at a 1080p resolution frame rate to capture images, built-in microphone. Kinect on the XBOX ONE has made a lot of progress, no login, no password, everything is controlled by a hand gesture and voice, voice response much faster, at the same time very precise, gesture controls XBO X360 a lot better than it was before.

XBOX ONE handle comes standard with a new design, appearance and XBOX360 handle roughly, but rounder, more great details, moreover, a more important point is the XBOX button ONE handle with strong feedback capabilities, such as when I pulled the trigger, will feel the vibration

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