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Xbox One What Would Be Its Advantages And Disadvantages?
Dec 01, 2016

Microsoft Xbox One evaluation: faster and better

There is no doubt that since its launch in November 2013, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which has undergone a significant transformation. In fact, before the game launched, Microsoft has started to change the messaging platform of ideas, from one heavily DRM-game controller to an unfettered experience here, game controller you can trade-in, second-hand game. Later, Microsoft Kinect gesture command is removed from the system (no Kinect system is currently the default entry mode).

Meanwhile, the Xbox One internal interface has also made a lot of adjustments, especially firmware functionality (not the actual hardware), but from the perspective of performance and ease of use, it is still less than the smooth interface of the Sony. In November 2015, Microsoft released a major interface update, known as the "new Xbox experience One (New Xbox One Experience)", completely changed the design of the equipment, but in some ways, it was a bit disappointing, mainly because of these changes to late.