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Xbox Game Controller Repair Has A Doorway
Aug 22, 2017

Xbox Game Controller repair has a doorway

Press the key failure, the button automatically burst, the arrow keys failure, the button no response ... ... these problems in your pitched battle "live football" or "NBALive" series of games when encountered? A bad Xbox Game Controller is not let yourself Of the competitive state to play out is not so simple, more importantly, it has seriously affected our mood. For a new Xbox Game Controller? NO! Not to mention the new Xbox Game Controller used after a period of time may also be a similar problem, more importantly, you do not think this is a waste of it? If you can repair it yourself Is not it a more sense of accomplishment? Let's fix it for this disdainful Xbox Game Controller!

Open the Xbox Game Controller will cause the Xbox Game Controller to lose warranty, please Xbox Game Controller is still in the warranty period of the user caution. For the brand is still in the warranty period of the Xbox Game Controller "the majority of the value of hundred dollars above", I recommend the best to send factory maintenance, and some of the no-name Xbox Game Controller or has lost the warranty of products can take their own hands Maintenance method.

First, Xbox Game Controller to be careful to dismantle

Xbox Game Controller failure, the first thing to do is to Xbox Game Controller "big unloading eight". First, locate the Xbox Game Controller's screw position. To the most popular imitation PS / PS2Xbox Game Controller appearance of the Xbox Game Controller, it generally has 7-8 screws.

After the screws are disassembled, place the front cover (the side with the button) on the platform, gently remove the back cover, so as to avoid the components scattered. At the same time, pay special attention to L1, L2, R1 and R2 these four buttons (Xbox Game Controller at the top of a few buttons), we must remember their installation location and order, or repair the completion of the time to complete You bring no trouble. After opening, you can see the internal structure.

Fault 1: A single button does not respond

The keys are made of hard plastic button combination of soft conductive rubber and contact pieces. The conductive rubber is very easy to aging or contaminated, when the sweat, oil, dust and other foreign matter penetrate into the Xbox Game Controller inside, it is easy to lead to conductive rubber contact failure.

First observe the failure of the corresponding key conductive rubber is aging or dirty. If it is contaminated, you can directly observe the black rubber contact surface off the graphite powder, then directly with alcohol can be f if there is no pure alcohol, you can also use the general drawing eraser instead. If it is a poor quality of the Xbox Game Controller, the faulty parts of the conductive rubber surface will be lit, this time should be directly used to rub the surface of the rough eraser, the same method. In addition, the gap in the soft rubber often have a variety of perspiration, dust, etc., although not directly affect the function, but it will lead to Xbox Game Controller keys feel worse, in the open after the Xbox Game Controller must remember to clean together ( Directly with anhydrous alcohol can be wiped).

If the Xbox Game Controller is still unusable after cleaning with alcohol or eraser, you can use the same method to handle - where the keypad is located. Many times due to the circuit board and conductive rubber contact with the site is oxidized or contaminated, will lead to key failure.

Fault 2Xbox Game Controller "active"

This is also one of the most common failures, the specific performance of the game in the control of the characters do not listen to the command, everywhere tampering or continue to do some of the same action. Relatively speaking, this fault is still better resolved, the root cause is due to the corresponding button on the circuit board contacts conductive media contamination, making the circuit has been in the state (button was pressed). The solution is to clean the dirt on the circuit board with an anhydrous alcohol or a drawing eraser.