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Xbox Game Controller Common Three Major Failures
Jun 16, 2017

Xbox Game Controller common three major failures

      1: High voltage fault

2: Low voltage fault

3: high pressure, low pressure are faulty.

The main phenomenon of high voltage failure is the indicator light does not shine, which features a fuse blow, rectifier diode D1 breakdown, capacitor C11 drum package or burst. Q1 breakdown, R25 open circuit. U1 7 feet short to ground. R5 open circuit, U1 no starting voltage. Replace the above components can be repaired. If U1 7 feet above 11V voltage, 8 feet 5V voltage, indicating U1 basic normal. Should focus on the detection of Q1 and T1 pin whether there is Weld. If the continuous breakdown of Q1, and Q1 is not hot, usually D2, C4 failure, if Q1 breakdown and hot, usually low-voltage part of the leakage or short circuit, too large or UC3842 6 feet output pulse waveform is not normal, Q1 The switching loss and heat increased, resulting in Q1 overheating burned. High voltage failure of the other phenomena are flashing lights, the output voltage is low and unstable, generally T1 pin has Weld, or D3, R12 open circuit, TL3842 and its peripheral circuit without power supply. Another rare high voltage fault is the output voltage is high above 120V, generally U2 failure, R13 open circuit or U3 breakdown so U1 2 pin voltage pulled low, 6 feet sent out wide pulse. At this time can not be a long time power, otherwise it will seriously burn low-voltage circuit.

Most of the low-voltage fault charger is connected with the battery positive and negative, resulting in R27 blown, LM358 breakdown. The phenomenon is red light has been bright, green light does not shine, the output voltage is low, or the output voltage close to 0V, replace the above components can be repaired. In addition W2 due to jitter, the output voltage drift, if the output voltage is high, the battery will overcharge, severe dehydration, hot, eventually leading to thermal runaway, charge the battery. If the output voltage is low, it will cause the battery to be underfilled.

High and low voltage circuits are faulty, before the power should first fully detect all the diodes, transistors, optocouplers 4N35, FET, electrolytic capacitors, integrated circuits, R25, R5, R12, R27, especially D4 (16A60V, fast Recovery diode), C10 (63V, 470UF). To avoid blind power to further expand the scope of the failure. There is a part of the charger output with anti-reverse, anti-short circuit and other special features. In fact, the output is more than a relay, in the case of reverse, short circuit relay does not work, the charger no voltage output.

There is also a part of the charger also has anti-reverse, anti-short circuit function, the principle and the previously described different, the low voltage circuit starting voltage provided by the rechargeable battery, and then a diode (anti-reverse). When the power supply is started normally, the low voltage power supply is provided by the charger. The above information is Xiaobian hope for your summary of useful to you, our company is a professional Xbox Game Controller manufacturers, the quality is guaranteed to welcome the broad masses of old and new customers to buy!