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What Is The Operating Principle Of The Playstation Game Controller?
Aug 02, 2017

What is the operating principle of the Playstation Game Controller?
   Since the establishment of the Playstation Game Controller company, the flagship Playstation Game Controller products by the user's favorite, and now Anrui create users around the world, sales and service network is also covering five continents. Based on the Aurora Playstation Game Controller much user's favor not only someone to ask, Playstation Game Controller design principle is what? An Ruizheng why to be so good to play a great smart space?
Here is the USB controller from the Playstation Game Controller, the USB full name is (Universal Serial Bus, Universal Serial Bus) with high speed, low cost, low power, plug and play and use maintenance Convenience, etc., with the gradual expansion of USB applications, USB devices are now not only the computer connected to the standard input / output of peripheral devices, it has become a smart TV connection peripherals standard input / output. HID is the abbreviation of Human Interface Dvices, that is, human-machine interface device, USB protocol is the first proposed and supported a kind of equipment, is also the most widely used a class of USB devices, typical HID devices have a keyboard and mouse. The USB serial bus specification specifically defines the HID specification, as long as the device conforms to the HID specification, which is the HID device. The operating system comes with the HID driver, users do not need to develop a very troublesome driver, which makes the HID device and the operating system to facilitate the establishment of communication.
These advantages make HID equipment in the field of intelligent TV has also been more and more widely used, this paper is based on the HID specification of six-axis somatosensory game controller used in the Playstation Game Controller design and implementation.
Playstation Game Controller includes two parts - remote control and RF receiver (Dongle), remote control and Dongle side using radio frequency communication protocol to communicate; and Dongle side through the USB interface to connect with the TV, they are through the USB protocol To communicate. According to the HID specification, a HID somatosensory joystick with input and output functions is simulated on the Dongle side, and the TV is communicated via the USB protocol to combine the remote control with the somatosensory game handle.
Dongle end and remote control on the success of the code, they have established a communication between. Remote control in the somatosensory game handle function of the opening and closing is mainly through the TV feedback information to achieve. Press the remote control side of the somatosensory key, the TV receives the information immediately send out the feedback information, so that the remote control side of the somatosensory switch indicator light, somatosensory game handle function is open, the user can experience the somersault game with the remote control, the TV will be based on the progress of the game call Remote control in the sensor module, vibration module, Audio module to achieve the remote control and TV interaction between; and then press the remote control side of the somatosensory key, the TV sends a feedback message to the remote control side of the somatosensory switch indicator light off, Somatosensory game handle function turned off.
Somatosensory game handles are mainly operated by keys and special actions. In this system, the somatosensory game handle keys and the remote control itself, the key reuse, special action data into the corresponding RF key value, when a special action operation, the key to the form of key sent out. In addition, the somatosensory game handle special action function can be used to operate the TV part of the TV, in the somatosensory game handle mode, the remote control by calculating the sensor data, to detect the left and right swing and move forward, Action, can be used as a switch picture, music and so on. Such as the right to the left after the song, left to the previous song, forward for the playback pause, forward quickly two to exit.