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What Is The Core Technology Of The Playstation 3 Game Controller?
Jul 20, 2017

What is the core technology of the Playstation 3 Game Controller?

There are two core parts of the wireless infrared remote control in the Playstation 3 Game Controller.

The main components of the wireless infrared remote control structure are infrared led. It is actually a special light emitting diode, due to its internal material differs from ordinary light emitting diode, thus exert a certain voltage at both ends, it is infrared instead of visible light. Currently, the infrared emitting diodes emitted by a large number of infrared emitting diodes are about 940nm with the same shape as the normal light-emitting diodes, only in different colors.

The main components of the receiving part are infrared receiving diodes, generally round and square. In the practical application for infrared receiving diode reverse bias, it can work normally, i.e. infrared receiving diode is reverse when applied in the circuit is applied, so as to obtain a higher sensitivity.

Due to the infrared light-emitting diode transmitted power is generally smaller (100 mw), so the infrared receiving diode to receive signals are faint, so will increase the high gain amplifier circuit, in recent years mostly adopts the infrared receiving head.

There are two types of packaging for the infrared reception of finished products: one is shielded by iron. One is plastic packaging. There are three pins, namely power supply (VDD), power supply (GND) and data output (VOUT). The pin alignment of the infrared reception head is different from different models, and can refer to the manufacturer's instructions. The advantage of the finished infrared receiving head is that it does not require complex debugging and shell shielding, which is very convenient to use as a triode. But note the carrier frequency of the finished infrared receiver of the finished product when used.

With the development of the society, the development of science and technology, the improvement of people's living water products, people are becoming more and more interested in the intelligent and convenient way of life. The Playstation 3 Game Controller has been used more and more in life.

The modern Playstation 3 Game Controller consists of integrated circuits and buttons that emit different coded signals. The principle of Playstation 3 Game Controller is the wireless remote control electronic signal encoding, then converts high frequency radio waves and receive controller receives the radio waves, amplification, decoding, get the remote control of the remote control command.

The Playstation 3 Game Controller has the following advantages for limited control over the past

Implementation simple: wireless field wiring;

2. Cost saving: saving wire materials and other materials and labor costs;

3. Wide application: all walks of life are used.