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What Are The Common Failures Of Playstation Game Controllers And How To Maintain Them
Jul 03, 2017

What are the common failures of Playstation game controllers and how to maintain them

Playstation controller in the system the use of more and more, also in the running of the similar failure, the author based on years of operating experience, introduce several kinds of common faults and processing methods.

Surface discharge

Playstation controller under the condition of the outdoor air operation after a period of time, the surface will have dirt deposition, in the fog or rain, the surface dirt floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, which resulted in increased surface leakage current, generate heat. Due to the varying speed and speed of water evaporation, the surface of the surface appears dry area, causing local surface resistance to change, and the current is formed in the local arc. As time goes on, the arc will merge to form an discharge along the branch of the tree. The interturn short circuit is the further development of dendritic discharge, i.e. the current surges in the short course turns, and the temperature rise causes the cable insulation to be damaged.

In order to ensure that the outdoor Playstation game controller does not have branch discharge and interturn short circuit fault, the surface discharge can be significantly inhibited by the coating and hydrophobic coating. In the end, the leakage current concentration of the lower end surface can be overcome. A rain-proof cap and rainproof layer can suppress the leakage current to a certain extent. In addition, the surface and insulator surface frequency of the Playstation game controller should be increased in the more polluted areas.

Local temperature

Playstation controller temperature at run time, accelerate the polyester film aging, when introducing line or transverse surface crack epoxy rainwater infiltration after accelerated aging, mechanical strength, can be lost caused by interturn short circuit on fire.

The reason for the temperature rise of the Playstation game controller is: welding quality problem, the connection terminal and the welding resistance of the winding welding place generate additional resistance and heat. In addition, because the design margin of temperature rise is very small, the design value is very close to the temperature rise limit specified by the national standard. In addition to the design and manufacturing reasons, if the airway of the Playstation game controller is blocked by foreign body during operation, the heat dissipation is not good, and the local temperature will cause a fire.

For the above situation, it is necessary to improve the ventilation condition of the Playstation game controller and reduce the operating environment temperature of the Playstation game controller, thus limiting the temperature rise. On a regular basis to maintain its service at the same time (or tap water rinse Playstation controller surface and vertical cooling airway), to remove surface accumulation of dirt, keep airway clear, detailed inspections and external insulation condition, handle in time when problems found.

Vibration noise failure

In the operation of the Playstation game controller, the vibration of the Playstation game controller is larger, causing the fastener to be loose and the noise increased. The main cause of vibration is the failure of the magnetic circuit and the loose of the iron core or the clamp when the installation is made. You can simply tighten the fasteners once again. Sometimes, it will encounter a hollow Playstation game controller, which has a lot of noise (the base frequency is 100Hz) after the operation, and with the rhythm of the beat frequency, the foundation is hot. This is due to the powerful alternating magnetic flux of the hollow Playstation game controller, which gives the surrounding steel components, especially the foundation embedded parts, the resonance and eddy current caused by alternating current electromagnetic force. This is the basic problem of the installation of infrastructure design, which can only be reinvented.