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Industry New: The Xbox One X Console, Will It Be Sold Well?
Jun 22, 2017

On November 7th consumers will be able to get their hands on Microsoft’s newest console the Xbox One X. The impressively spec’ed console is designed to play Xbox One games with incredible fidelity affording developers the ability to render their games at 4K resolution. Microsoft on numerous occasions has stated that the Xbox One X is designed for the hardcore and will not generate much appeal to casual gamers. This note is not hard to understand, at a hefty $499 price tag, Microsoft’s new iterative console is $100 more than the price of the standard Xbox One S console.


In an interview with ARS, Phil Spencer had this to say about the Xbox One X “We built the worlds most powerful console, we set a design spec to deliver true 4K gaming… We have our Xbox One S console, which I think is a great console for the everyday gamer who is looking to play games… the Xbox One S will be the console most people go out and buy“. When asked about his thoughts on the ratio of those interested he said  “Obviously we don’t know [The ratio], when we designed [the Xbox One X] its not that we expected it to become the number one console for us”. He went on to say “you and I both know there’s a customer who is looking for the premium experience, the highest fidelity. I don’t think [Xbox One X] has any competition in that space. The other consoles we’ve seen this generation are all competing at a sub-true 4K level. The price is really dictated by the capability of the box.”

It seems as if Microsoft is well aware that there will be a larger number of gamers that will be more interested in the Xbox One S than the Xbox One X. Whether consumers shy away from the price or if the spec is simply unnecessary for their home gaming setup, it is clear that this iterative console is not for everyone.

Considering the price and Microsoft’s target audience, it begs the question on just how well this console will sell and if there will be a shortage of devices on launch day. We took that question to the community to try to gauge their thoughts and insights on this particular question.