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Safety Issues Should Be Taken Into Account When Designing The Xbox360 Game Controller
Jul 11, 2017

Safety issues should be taken into account when designing the Xbox360 Game Controller

Xbox360 Game Controllers are sometimes used in the car, so security is also very important, the design of the product is reasonable is not only a relationship with electrical safety, is also concerned about the safety of the people, from a higher level, is also the relationship between the driving and riding statement, let's say the car Xbox360 Game Controller security issues.

We must choose a product of metal shell, the Xbox360 Game Controller power of the car is bigger, fever is also very much, if the internal heat stays in the car, just will let the Xbox360 Game Controller birthday noodles, if severe and there will be a fire risk, if choose metal is to have a good heat dissipation, also won't burn myself, if choose plastic is no way to avoid these things. Above some things in order to save costs, the market now is can let the appearance of the products are plastic, this product is the fan cooling, above is not recommended to choose, fan when there will be a lot of noise, also affect the comfort level, general life is very short.

For the sake of our safety consideration, is to choose types of fission products, don't choose the integration of the thing, because it exists many shortcomings, first of all, is the location of the car cigarette lighter is not very thorough, generally focus on the game controller is in the back didn't appear, in the process of the form will appear unstable because of poor contact, there is a place for it will be very long, if on these things just will directly affect the operation of their shift in, this is possible and driving safety is relationship, both safety and convenience are shouldn't choose to focus on the game controller.

Simple Xbox360 Game Controller is able to convert low voltage directly into a h1n1 point of equipment, usually is a 220 - volt electronic equipment into the direct current (dc) to use, focus on the role of game controller is contrary to this, now is to move at a time, is there will be a lot of leisure activities, when the mobile are all need to be done to the inside of the current power supply, also need to be done in the daily environment can not be lack of alternating current (ac), Xbox360 Game Controller is able to meet our now that some of the requirements.

Xbox360 Game Controller is generally divided into two types, one is sine wave Xbox360 Game Controller, there is a square wave Xbox360 games controller, sine wave to come out is that we are the same sinusoidal alternating current power grid, is not pollution in power grid, the square wave output is with poor quality of some of the points, is the largest value is to be able to produce, basically for Xbox360 Game Controller itself so the stability of the impact is not ok, his load ability is very poor, is rated discretion is a lot of, also is not with perceptual load.

If we carry things more, inside a square wave current is contains the composition of the three will make current increase, serious when also can destroy some of the capacitance, the output is a positive maximum time interval stage, the overall situation, practical interval is also will be increase, because the Xbox360 Game Controller price is moderate, is slowly become the market mainstream products, backward technology is the real exit from the market.