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Industry News: PS4 System Software Update 4.71 Today
Jun 23, 2017


Today Sony Interactive Entertainment made a new PS4 system software update numbered 4.71 available for download on the PlayStation Network.

The update weighs 340.6 megabytes, and the patch notes are the usual:

“This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.”

At the moment of this writing the update isn’t yet available via web, and and you’ll need to use the option in the settings of your PS4 to launch it. Later today you should be able to  download it from here if you’re in North America and from here if you’re in Europe.

Keep in mind that when you read about an improvement of the quality of the system performance, it means the system software itself. It’s unlikely that you’ll see relevant improvements in the performance of games.

The previous update, numbered 4.70, brought similar small improvements.

The lates large update to the PS4 system software came back in March, and was numbered 4.50. It included external HDD support, custom wallpapers, Boost Mode for PS4 Pro and much more.