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Playstation Game Controller With A Few Notes
Aug 22, 2017

Playstation Game Controller with a few notes

1. To Playstation Game Controller charge, take about 4 hours or more, I use the computer's usb charge. Began to full, the right side of the red light is lit, filled, the right side of the red light into a green light.

2. The cable, the black cable is a type of plug at both ends. In addition, the obvious difference between the plug and the white USB cable is that the plug is required to hold the plug on both sides of the plug and insert the plug. Please be careful not to follow the general idea of pulling hard to prevent damage to the product.

3. For the first time, do not need to jailbreak can use the charging function, and no problem. But if you want to use the player and Playstation Game Controller function, you need to enter the TOUCH in the Playstation Game Controller software, click to open the Playstation Game Controller key, if the pop-up "Please insert the Playstation Game Controller", you can use a toothpick Something to poke the side of the RESET hole to restart the Playstation Game Controller, so you can get it.

4. If you want to upgrade the firmware, follow the prompts "Please restart the Playstation Game Controller" and also need to poke the side of the RESET hole to restart the Playstation Game Controller.

5. All three in the middle of the function buttons are required to manually open and manually shut down, when opened, there will be a special color of the light, so when not in use, remember to turn off the corresponding function.

6. Speaker The volume adjustment of the loudspeaker function is adjusted by touch the side keys.

7. The game features attention to the place, the keys need to manually set their own, must be entered after the game, when the game starts, you press the setting key, the screen will appear corresponding to the arrow keys and function keys, this time, you need Prompt by the game itself with the button (virtual button) corresponding to the location of the game itself to make the virtual button and match our Playstation Game Controller. For example, when the arrow keys appear on the screen "on" when the orange, you press the virtual button on the screen when the arrow keys appear "down" for the orange when you press the virtual button, set The

8. If you are using c skin at the same time, then the current may use the Playstation Game Controller software, after the epithelium, may have been shown to have been shut down, you need to restart touch. Hope that this problem will soon be resolved.

In the peak period of the students installed, the children love to play the nature of the computer game in the purchase of peripheral equipment on the performance, often in addition to the purchase of computers but also to buy Playstation Game Controller or steering wheel and other equipment. After all, students studying in the sea in the summer finally get liberation, happy to play for some time. At this time the game peripheral equipment how to buy the problem in front of us, because the market a wide range of products, and good and bad. Some products of high quality, but the price is not cheap, always give people the feeling of not affordable; and some low-cost products and poor workmanship, not only affect the fun of the game, but also affect the health of the finger joints; These two points have to cause our attention. In the end the game peripherals are contained in what technology, which type of product for their favorite game, what kind of product is inexpensive? You may have seen this article you will gain.

Other types of Playstation Game Controllers can not be called real Playstation Game Controllers (because they are not in their hands). This includes the popular music blanket, drum machine, and 3D glasses. They belong to the PC game peripheral equipment, often game enthusiasts have to buy the product. For example, when playing racing games, not only have a hand of the steering wheel, the strength of the pedal, coupled with a 3D glasses, then start the car to that is really immersive. These products are often very strong timeliness, such as dance blanket is only all the rage, drum machine is also a similar rush guest, and 3D glasses due to the need for display at least 120Hz refresh rate, which also makes some consumers discouraged.