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Playstation 3 Game Controller Bad How To Do It
Aug 02, 2017

Playstation 3 Game Controller bad how to do it
Hot games will soon be launched, and even press the remote control switch has been no response how to do? Is the remote control broken? Can not it? How to solve the remote control is broken? Do not panic, and see let Xiaobian slowly Road to.
   In fact, when we use household appliances in the daily necessities of time will inevitably encounter problems with the machine failure, such as we encountered the game when the TV remote control bad first do not get angry, because the use of a long time what things Are bad. Under normal circumstances the remote control is broken to us, many people are choosing to re-purchase a Playstation 3 Game Controller, but you know? If your TV remote control is not very thorough, perhaps we can simply put it to repair a repair or can be used. If you have to worry about it, then forget the new bar, if you are interested in the Playstation 3 Game Controller maintenance method, to take a look at the following three strokes to solve the problem of remote control method bar.
The first move, if the failure in the remote control, then look at the TV set-top box is not a problem, specifically the maintenance of such exclusion, we are in the maintenance of the most direct way is to first determine whether it is a remote control or set-top box Receiver head of the problem, then we can observe whether the launch of the remote control tube light, if the remote control launch tube light, it means that the remote control is good, if not light, then it means that the set-top box receiver received a problem.
The second measure, to carefully check the TV set-top box remote control battery and battery box in the spring is rust or corrosion is broken, if this will lead to TV set-top box remote control bad contact or no power situation. If you find that this is the result of the remote control failure can use the sandpaper will be rusty place tin. In the refresh after the normal use of the.
The third measure, if the check found Playstation 3 Game Controller in its circuit board intact, press the button after the power to the crystal, while its red light and the launch tube does not flash the situation, then you can conclude that It's crystal problems, in the maintenance of the time can replace the crystal. Of course, this method of maintenance is that you have to have this crystal switch, or still have to buy a new Playstation 3 Game Controller.
    The above three strokes to solve the Playstation 3 Game Controller method is only the easiest way to repair, if you can not solve your Playstation 3 Game Controller can not use the situation, then please directly replace the Playstation 3 Game Controller, Playstation 3 Game Controller usually Are able to use all the smart TV above, compatibility is very perfect.
 Has been the daily use of ordinary remote control market, since the release of the Playstation 3 Game Controller after the people quickly keen on this intelligent remote control products, mainly because it is convenient and fast, then many people will ask Playstation 3 Game Controller design ideas and principles of what kind of, how difficult it?
Design an ultrasonic remote control device. A remote control can control the switch of multiple household electrical equipment, such as fluorescent lamps, household appliances, electric drying racks and so on. The remote control device includes a remote control device and a plurality of receiving devices.
   In order to meet everyone on the Playstation 3 Game Controller products keen pursuit, Xiao Bian in this intelligent home remote control design ideas and difficult to share with you for reference.