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PC Game Controllers Maintenance
Aug 22, 2017

PC Game Controllers maintenance

As the game design is now more and more intense, the corresponding use of some of the keys are getting higher and higher, and the keys under the conductive rubber is a certain life. Once it is broken, the entire PC Game Controllers may also be scrapped. Therefore, in the use of PC Game Controllers should pay attention to the following questions.

1) in some shooting, action game need to re-use a button, we should be good at using bursts, reduce the number of keys.

2) play the game, the action range can not be too large, the connection may be appropriate to grow a little, which can not only a little away from the screen to protect the eyes, and the connection is also less likely to break.

3) PC Game Controllers should be placed in a clean place where the environment, or dirty objects such as embedded in the direction between the key and function keys, the button is not flexible.

4) If you use a period of time later, feel the key is not sensitive, you can open the PC Game Controllers, wipe with a cotton dip rubbing conductive rubber and circuit boards.

5) PC Game Controllers is the most vulnerable place is the cable, because the cable inside the multi-strand fine wire. Such as breaking any one line, will lead to PC Game Controllers failure, and PC Game Controllers is the most easy to break at the PC Game Controllers is the two joints, can be split PC Game Controllers with a multimeter on the interface amount, In the measurement of bending a corner of the corner, you can find hidden broken head. Such as broken head near the PC Game Controllers, can cut a section of the line, and then re-welding, such as the broken head near the interface, the general PC Game Controllers interface is a one-time sealed, so can only buy a 15-pin Interface put on.

6) conductive rubber is also easy to damage, but in most cases, as long as the open PC Game Controllers wipe a rub, you can repair. There are two cases can be concluded that the PC Game Controllers is really bad: First, conductive rubber rupture, loss of flexibility: Second, the conductive film loss of conductivity. The first case can only change the new conductive rubber, the second case may have emergency methods: that is, with the conductive material stick in the corresponding position, or with 4B pencil smear about the original conductive film. When the PC Game Controllers through the above checks, and no disconnection, it should be suspected that the circuit board, but the PC Game Controllers circuit board components less likely to damage, mostly components Weld, with Soldering iron welding can be.

PC Game Controllers is accompanied by the development of the game console and development and growth, as the game host the necessary input means, PC Game Controllers and host the relationship is very close, each host manufacturers, each new host, have their own Unique PC Game Controllers input device. PC Game Controllers evolution history, the common viewing angle is the history of the game console itself. However, from another point of view, PC Game Controllers evolution history, can also be seen as the game hardware carrier evolution history, from the early game console dedicated PC Game Controllers, to the PC general PC Game Controllers, and then to the nearest The rapid development of mobile intelligent terminal PC Game Controllers and the new host PC Game Controllers evolution process.

However, with the advent of the new game hardware PC, PC Game Controllers is also changing. In 1984, the milestone NESPC Game Controllers was released, and then IBM engineers "invented" the "PC" game controller with a "imitation" PC Game Controllers, using a PC's sound card (the original design Is installed on the mouse serial port) to the computer host to issue instructions. Another major change is in 1995, Microsoft DirrectX PC Game Controllers keys corresponding to the keyboard keys, in order to achieve the PC Game Controllers digital, developed the first all-digital PC Game Controllers, but also to achieve the Multiple PC Game Controllers in series, so that multiplayer games possible.

Now, with the development of smart terminals and mobile games, PC Game Controllers peripherals also enter the mobile game stage. Based on Bluetooth and other wireless technology PC Game Controllers emerging, the mainstream iOS, Android system and mainstream models, have been able to adapt the PC Game Controllers.