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On The Application And Development Of Playstation Game Controller Network
Jul 20, 2017

On the application and development of Playstation Game Controller network

I. development overview

Came back in the 1970 s, the traditional Playstation Game Controller by point-to-point transmission, Playstation Game Controller, constitute the Playstation Game Controller network, we put it to the first generation Playstation Game Controller network. With the continuous development of related disciplines and progress, Playstation Game Controller network also has a variety of information signal is obtained through comprehensive processing capacity, and through the combined with Playstation Game Controller, form the information integration and processing ability of Playstation Game Controller network, this is the second generation Playstation Game Controller network. And begin from the end of last century, the fieldbus technology applied in the Playstation Game Controller network, intelligent people use it to form a Playstation Game Controller network, a large number of multi-function Playstation Game Controller is applied, and the use of wireless technology connection, Playstation Game Controller network gradually formed.

Playstation Game Controller is a new generation of Playstation Game Controller network, has a very broad application prospect, its development and application, will bring to every field of human life and production. In developed countries, such as the United States, attaches great importance to the development of Network Playstation Game Controller, IEEE is working to promote the Playstation Game Controller Network application and development of the Boston University (Boston University) in Network association recently founded the Playstation Game Controller (Sensor Network Consortium), is expected to promote the Playstation Game Controller to the Internet technology development. Technology review magazine in the United States in the ten big emerging technology, discusses the future is listed as the first Playstation Game Controller network future emerging technologies, businessweek to predict the future of the four new technology, the Playstation Game Controller network are also included. It is expected that the network of Playstation Game Controller is an inevitable trend, and its emergence will bring great changes to human society.

Ii. Definition and characteristics of Playstation Game Controller network

The Playstation network can be regarded as three parts of data acquisition network, data distribution network and control management center. Its main components are integrated with the Playstation Game Controller, data processing unit and communication module of nodes, the nodes of a distributed network, by agreement and then collected data through the optimized via radio waves transmitted to information processing center. The research and development of the Playstation Game Controller network operating system Tiny0S141, Dr. Jason Hill defines WSN as: Sensing + CPU + Radio = Thousands of potential applications

Harbin industrial university professor. WSN is defined as: WSN is composed of a set Playstation Game Controller node, in the form of self-organization of wired or wireless network, its purpose is collaboration to perceive, collection and processing network coverage of the geographical area of perception object information, and release to the observer. Look from the hardware, WSN section point is mainly composed of data acquisition unit, data processing unit, the wireless data transceiver unit and small battery units, size is very small, usually has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, multi-function; From a software point of view, it is the effective detection of Playstation Game Controller embedded in the node area where the temperature, humidity, light intensity, environmental parameters such as pressure, and physical parameters such as voltage, electric current of the object under test, and through the wireless network will detect information sent to the data center for processing, analysis and forward.

WSN has obvious advantages over traditional Playstation Game Controller and control system. It USES point to point or point to multi-point wireless connections, greatly reduces the cost of cable, namely the merger on the Playstation Game Controller node end the analog/digital signal conversion, digital signal processing and network communication function, node has self-checking function, system performance and reliability improvement and significant cost reduction obviously.