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Mobile Phone Transfiguration Universal Appliance Xbox Game Controller
Aug 02, 2017

Mobile phone transfiguration universal appliance Xbox Game Controller
Common TV, set-top boxes, air conditioners and other household appliances are equipped with an Xbox Game Controller, with the increase in home appliances, Xbox Game Controller also began to flourish, often appear to take the wrong Xbox Game Controller or can not find Xbox game control The situation of the device.
This time out to carry the phone, aiming to open the home appliances, click the screen can easily remote control. In fact, this is not a fantasy, with the advent of smart home age, with the phone to control home appliances become possible.
What is the principle of home appliances Xbox Game Controller?
Commonly used Xbox Game Controller mostly use infrared technology, infrared, also known as infrared light, is a kind of invisible light. Infrared light according to the wavelength range is divided into near infrared, infrared, far infrared, very infrared 4, infrared remote control is the use of near infrared light remote control instructions, the wavelength between 0.76 microns to 1.5 microns.
Solar spectrum
With the near infrared as a remote control light source, because the current infrared emission devices and infrared receiver device light emission and peak wavelength of light is generally 0.8 microns to 0.94 microns, just in the near infrared light band, the two coincidence, can be a good match , Can get higher transmission efficiency and higher reliability.
Infrared Xbox Game Controller is relatively simple principle, is through the remote control of the infrared light-emitting diodes to the signal is not visible to the infrared sent out, and then the front of the infrared receiver received and then converted into a signal, then the signal can control Home appliances.
Xbox Game Controller at the top of the infrared light emitting diodes
Infrared Xbox Game Controller since the 80s of last century since its introduction, because of its low cost, easy to use advantages, has been used by most household appliances. However, the shortcomings of the infrared Xbox Game Controller is obvious, that is, must point to point remote control, and the transmission distance is short, Xbox Game Controller and electrical appliances can not have obstacles.
Bluetooth Xbox Game Controller
Now some manufacturers have begun to give up the infrared, switch to Bluetooth Xbox Game Controller control output, such as millet TV and some TV boxes are using Bluetooth to connect. But also a lot of smart TV support WiFi remote control function, the use of WiFi direct connection technology, you can let the smart phone in the same WiFi under the direct control of home appliances.
However, the infrared Xbox Game Controller is still the mainstream, and in the appliance industry applications in general, a short period of time can not be replaced. Therefore, there are many manufacturers launched a built-in infrared transmitter mobile phone products, with the relevant APP, so that the phone can easily control a variety of home appliances.
Mobile phone can also remote control appliances?
In fact, the phone is equipped with infrared interface is not what new things, as early as a few years ago, the era of mobile phones, there were a lot of mobile phones have been equipped with an infrared transmitter, because Bluetooth technology is not popular, the infrared interface is mainly mobile Used to close the transmission of data, of course, Windows Mobile phone can also be installed on the software to achieve Xbox Game Controller function. Later, after the popularity of Bluetooth technology, very few mobile phones and then equipped with infrared interface.