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Microsoft Hosts Six Major Advantages
Dec 01, 2016

This may not be important to you, but the cable can be connected to the Xbox One is still a great performance. I may not use Xbox One channel Guide, but I can be controlled by voice commands to change channels. Order to switch to the channel I want to see. I can at any time by voice commands and a seamless conversion of keys to my game.

Gaming consoles and television using the same input mode reduces the trouble when the game started. If my wife was on the phone when the Xbox One can easily switch back to the game, and when she got off the phone, I'll switch back before we see programmes.

And when I need to shut down, when can I use a Xbox off voice commands to turn off all devices.

PS4 does not have this function, because it does not have a HDMI output entry. It can be reached by a special HDMI link some limited control function, but it is not comparable with the Xbox One.

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