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Industry News: PS4 Pro Has Huge Advantage Over Scorpio
May 12, 2017


The PS4 Pro and the Xbox One Scorpio are intriguing prospects, because they are 

mid generation harxware refreshes that actually add to the original consoles’ 

capabilities. But how Sony and Microsoft have gone about this process is a stark 

study in contrasts- where Sony decided to stick to the original PS4 design, and 

update it moderately, Microsoft have gone ahead with a radical rethink of the Xbox

One design and come up with the Scorpio.

Given the Scorpio’s power advantage over the PS4 Pro as a result of these differing

approaches, should Sony have followed the Microsoft playbook in this regard, too? 

Sony has gone for a moderate upgrade with the PS4 Pro and instead resorting to 

methods such as 4K checkerboard rendering. So should Sony have gone ahead and

released a more powerful mid-gen refresh just like the Scorpio? That is what we decided

to ask Jean-François Fiset, Community Manager of Parabole, developer of Kona, when

he sat down with us for an exclusive interview.

“The way I see it is that even though the PS4 Pro is less powerful than the Scorpio, Sony

 still has a huge advantage,” he said. “They released their upgraded version of the PS4

 approximately a year before the Scorpio. It means that they had a lot of time to earn more

 clients who in the end, just want to play a game on a console that answer their immediate


The year long head start the PS4 Pro has is hardly deniable- but of course, adoption of the 

PS4 Pro has been a bit on the slower side, especially since Sony themselves have de-emphasized

it in marketing, leaving it to the more informed core gamers to scope it out themselves. Will this

headstart actually matter against the Scorpio? Ultimately, is the more radically overhauled Scorpio

 even competing with the PS4 Pro? That is all something that remains to be seen.