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Identify The Playstation Game Controller Is Good Or Bad
Jun 16, 2017

Identify the Playstation Game Controller is good or bad

   Game oil and television Playstation Game Controller on the important dual-use tricycle ** self-evident, then how to determine the merits of the Playstation Game Controller. It is like the electric car's heart and brain, to maintain the basic operation of electric vehicles. Good quality Playstation Game Controller to protect the normal operation of electric vehicles, but also to maximize the protection of the user's safety.

        But the poor quality of the Playstation Game Controller, is like an electric car to lay a time bomb, the safety of the driver there is a big threat. So how do we judge the merits of the Playstation Game Controller?

        Although the Playstation Game Controller is not so intuitive to appear in the buyer's line of sight, but we can still from different angles to observe the status of the Playstation Game Controller. Here are a few do not need a lot of equipment, it is easy to vertical method.

        How to determine the merits of the Playstation Game Controller, Xuyi Necktai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for you list the next five points:

       1, carefully observe the workmanship

        A control of the work reflects a company strength, the same conditions, the workshop Playstation Game Controller is certainly not as big as the company's products; hand-welding products certainly not as good as wave soldering products; the appearance of exquisite Playstation Game Controller is better than pay attention to the appearance of the product ; Wire with a good Playstation Game Controller better than the wire jerry-breaking Playstation Game Controller; radiator heavy Playstation Game Controller better than the radiator light Playstation Game Controller, etc., in the materials and technology on the pursuit of the company relative High credibility, contrast can be seen.

        2, compared to temperature rise

        With the new Playstation Game Controller and the original use of the Playstation Game Controller under the same conditions locked heat test, the two Playstation Game Controller are to remove the radiator, with a car, hold up the foot, turn the first turn To reach the highest speed, immediately brakes, do not stop, so that the Playstation Game Controller into the stall protection, at very low speed to maintain 5 seconds, release the brakes, quickly reached the highest speed, and then brake, repeated the same ** , Such as 30 times, to detect the maximum temperature of the radiator.

        Take the two Playstation Game Controller data comparison, the lower the temperature the better. The test conditions should ensure that the same current limit, the same battery capacity, the same car, the same from the cold start test, keep the same brake strength and time. At the end of the test, the degree of tightening of the screws of the fixed MOS should be checked. The more the loose insulation of the insulating plastic particles is, the worse the temperature is, and in the long term it will cause the MOS to be damaged in advance due to heat. And then install the radiator, repeat the above test, compare the radiator temperature, which can study the Playstation Game Controller thermal design.

  3, observe the back pressure control capacity

        Select a car, the power can be larger, unplug the battery, use the charger for the electric car power supply, connected to the E-ABS enable the terminal, to ensure that the brake switch contact is good. Slowly turn the handle, too fast charger can not output a large current, will cause undervoltage, so that the motor to the highest speed, fast braking, repeated many times, should not be MOS damage phenomenon.

In the brake, the charger output voltage will rise rapidly, test the Playstation Game Controller instantaneous limiting capacity, this test if the battery test is basically no effect. This test can also be carried out in the fast downhill, when the car reaches the highest speed after the brakes.