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E3 News: Xbox One X Most Powerful Console By Wide Margin
Jun 15, 2017


Head of Xbox division Phil Spencer was just featured in a big interview with Eurogamer from E3 2017. Among 

various topics, he took a pretty clear stab at Sony’s marketing deals that purposely hold back content from 

other platforms, such as Destiny and its sequel for instance.

He also said that clearly, the Xbox One X is the most powerful console by quite a wide margin (making a direct 

comparison to PlayStation 4 Pro, obviously).

I will give you an honest answer. Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever built, and this fall it will be the 

most powerful console in the market. There’s nothing technically that would keep any game a console game 

maker is building who wants to take advantage of the capability here from making Xbox One X the very best 

version of every one of those games.

I don’t know what deals get written. I’ve been pretty open about, I’m not a fan of doing deals that hold back 

specific pieces of content from other platforms. You don’t see that in the deals we’ve done with Assassin’s 

and Shadow. We’ll have a marketing deal on those, but I don’t say, hey, I need some kind of Strike or skin some

-body else can’t play.

I don’t think it’s good for our industry if we got into a point where people are holding back the technical in-

novation of game developers based on a marketing deal. I don’t know anything about what’s in other people’

s deals. But this, clearly, from a technical perspective, is the most powerful console by quite a wide margin. So, when

 I stood on-stage and I said this will be the best place to play all those games, there’s nothing technically that would

 keep any developer from not making that true.

Admittedly, that practice of holding back content such as Strikes in Destiny 2 is quite dreadful. Incidentally, last night

 Activision revealed the one-year timed Destiny 2 exclusive content for PlayStation 4: a competitive multiplayer map, 

a three-player cooperative Strike, a blue and white colored ship, legendary armor sets, and an exotic sniper rifle.

The Xbox One X will launch on November 7th for $/€ 499.