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China's Xbox Game Controller Industry Development To Achieve Two Breakthroughs
Jul 03, 2017

China's Xbox Game Controller industry development to achieve two breakthroughs

Despite the Xbox controller technology has been improved, but the structural problems of Xbox controller manufacturing enterprises products and comprehensive technical force is weak, still didn't get very good solve. After years of development, the manufacturing process, equipment and technology of our Xbox Game Controller have entered the world. But due to the Xbox controller manufacturing enterprises in our country there is a big development of manufacturing technology and the development of power system problem, the separation that causes 500 kv and 220 kv substation with large capacity parallel compensation Xbox controller device exists improper cooperate with main improper connection, protection and accessories selection and parameter mismatch problems.

Scale in recent years, the state grid corporation to implement centralized bidding and help solve the Xbox controller industry Xbox controller device configuration of the disorder, at the same time for the Xbox Game Controller industry determines the development direction. In addition, the specification tender corrected high-capacity Xbox controller wiring the problem of high error rate, to solve the big Xbox controller set of relay protection coordination and setting calculation problem, and big Xbox controller group of blasting energy levels. From the statistic power system operation, with the solution of these problems, the reactive power compensation device reliability is increasing year by year, the explosion of the big Xbox controller set on fire accident has had significantly lower. But, despite the Xbox controller technology has been improved, but the structural problems of Xbox controller manufacturing enterprises products and comprehensive technical force is weak, still didn't get very good solve.

Cultivate comprehensive technical talents

Grid transmission capacity increases, the demand of capacity of the Xbox controller group also increase, harmonic and noise problems associated with it, and form a complete set of equipment, safety and reliability problems are more and more prominent. Therefore, it would be the most economical and reasonable approach to comprehensively consider the production, design and optimization of these problems. Otherwise, after problems in the operation of the product, the product will be reinvented, whether it is human, material and financial resources, which is much more expensive than the cost of the design and manufacturing period. And the effectiveness of the problem is far from the design and manufacturing phase. Therefore, this is the most effective energy saving measure in the design phase, which is the idea that all factors are affected by the overall consideration and the design of the design, which makes the resource consumption to the minimum. To do this, manufacturing and technical personnel should not only familiar with their products manufacturing technology, and must be familiar with the use of the product condition, the operation requirements of power system and equipment access after the impact on the surrounding environment, the influence of other equipment for your products such as various technologies. Only in this way, the designed and manufactured products can be in good compatibility with the environment and get good safety and reliability.

The Xbox controller manufacturing enterprises serious lack of comprehensive technical talents, make the Xbox Game Controller manufacturing enterprises appear although equipped with world level of plant and equipment, but the product has not reached the world advanced level synchronization phenomenon. Therefore, cultivating comprehensive technical talents is one of the development strategies of the current Xbox Game Controller manufacturers.

Develop diversified products

Manufacturing enterprises are relatively small, and the single product structure is a common phenomenon in China's Xbox Game Controller industry. In fact, reactive power balance is one of the targets of good operation of power system. Around this objective, involving the distribution of the reactive current and control, node voltage adjustment and control, reactive power compensation equipment for cutting and control, load size for cutting and control aspects of technology and equipment, and the Xbox Game Controller device is only one series of reactive compensation equipment. Predictably, as another class of device of reactive power compensation - electrical power reactive power compensation device, developing rapidly at present, under the situation of the reactive power compensation function, the function will be more and more strong, and the price also will be more and more low. The impact on the Xbox gaming controller industry will not be long. Therefore, Xbox Game Controller manufacturing enterprises should be in the current good market atmosphere, grasp the product structural adjustment, move to the new product direction. At the same time, speed up the technical reserve, which is the best guarantee for the long and healthy development of reactive power compensation technology. Will promote the development of Xbox Game Controller.