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5 Kinds Of Common Xbox Game Controller Failure Repair
Sep 04, 2017

5 kinds of common Xbox Game Controller failure repair
Fault 1: A single button does not respond
The keys are made of hard plastic buttons that combine soft conductive rubber as well as the contacts. The conductive rubber is very easy to aging or contamination, when the sweat, oil, dust and other foreign matter penetrate into the Xbox Game Controller inside, it is easy to lead to conductive rubber contact failure.
First observe the failure of the corresponding button conductive rubber is aging or dirty. If it is contaminated, you can directly observe the black rubber contact surface off the graphite powder, then directly with alcohol can be f if there is no pure alcohol, you can also use the general drawing eraser instead. If it is a poor quality of the Xbox Game Controller, the faulty parts of the conductive rubber surface will shine, this time should be directly rubbed with a rough eraser surface treatment, the same method. In addition, in the cracks in the soft rubber often have a variety of perspiration, dust, etc., although not directly affect the function, but it will lead to Xbox Game Controller keys feel worse, in the open Xbox Game Controller must remember to clean together Directly with anhydrous alcohol can be wiped).
If the Xbox Game Controller is still unusable after cleaning with alcohol or eraser, you can use the same method to handle - where the keypad is located. Often due to the circuit board and conductive rubber contact with the site was oxidized or contaminated, will lead to key failure.
Fault 2Xbox Game Controller "active"
This is also one of the most common failures, the specific performance of the game in the control of the characters do not listen to the command, everywhere tampering or continue to do a certain action. Relatively speaking, this fault is still better resolved, the root cause is due to the corresponding button on the circuit board contacts conductive media contamination, making the circuit has been in the state (button is pressed). The solution is to clean the dirt on the circuit board with an anhydrous alcohol or a drawing eraser.
Fault 3Xbox Game Controller button all "paralyzed"
If the handle of the handle button all can not use the situation, we should check from two aspects.
First check that the driver is installed correctly. Into the "Control Panel" a "game controller" to see if the Xbox Game Controller is properly connected here.
Then select the Xbox Game Controller, click on "Properties" to test whether the button is responsive. If the button does not respond at this time, you will need to check the settings in the game about the Xbox Game Controller section. If the test button does not respond here, you need to reinstall the driver.
If the driver is installed correctly, it may be a problem with the Xbox Game Controller line. At this point it is recommended that you use a multimeter to check from the Xbox Game Controller's computer connector to the circuit board part of the line, pay attention to the Xbox Game Controller generally have multiple wiring, need to check one by one to determine where the fault occurs. If the Xbox Game Controller line is broken in the middle, you can cut this part of the damaged wire, and then re-connected.
There is also a situation that is broken circuit board wiring, which requires a certain hands-on ability to repair. The specific method is to find the broken copper foil, scraping the surface of the insulation layer, with a thin layer of tin to re-connect, and finally with glue or hot melt adhesive insulation treatment.
Failure 4. USB interface is low on power supply
When the USB interface power supply is insufficient, USBXbox Game Controller will not be able to correctly identify, or can identify but the correct installation of the driver can not be used. Do not worry, we also have a solution! If the Xbox Game Controller is inserted in the front USB interface, because many motherboard front USB interface, there is insufficient power supply situation (of course, first ensure that the front panel related cable correct Connection), we can replace the USB interface, try to use the motherboard comes with USB interface to ensure normal power supply.
If plugged in the motherboard on the USB interface is still not available, then you can see the motherboard USB interface, power supply is wrong. A small number of motherboard USB interface default for the standby voltage power supply, there is insufficient supply current situation, we can change the corresponding jumper to 5VSB power supply. This is especially the case when the device is plugged in too much on the USB interface. If the USB interface can not be switched on the motherboard, you can use the supplied USBHUB.
Common Xbox Game Controller failure is basically mentioned in the previous article, from the article we can feel, Xbox Game Controller maintenance is not complicated, and pollution caused by the failure is one of the most important factor. As long as the article can be described in accordance with the article to find the analysis of their own Xbox Game Controller failure, I believe you will be able to make your Xbox Game Controller again full of vitality, free ride in the game!