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PlayStation 4 also dedicated for the pros handle
Dec 01, 2016

Xbox Elite One side handle to meet the needs of professional players, but with the PlayStation DualShock 4 of 4 matching, since its launch in 2013, has not seen much change. However, as the boom in global warming, Sony has finally changed their minds. Razer and they found Nacon jointly developed, respectively, Raiju and Revolution of the two products.

Elite handles the same as Microsoft, Raiju Revolution has an additional trigger button and the features of custom buttons. Which is equipped with a rapid fire button, an extra l, r and remove the trigger button and rocker cover, supports two sets of custom key configuration, and the USB connector can be removed. It also has built-in quick setting Panel, as far as the overall design style, fitted with a headset adapter the Xbox One handles a lot like.