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1000mah Xbox One Battery Pack

1000mah Xbox One Battery Pack

Charges While You Play Full Charge in 4 Hours Up to 30 Hours on Single Charge

1000mah Xbox One Battery Pack is suitable for Xbox One wireless controller.

- With a fully intelligent control chip, charging / storage of electrical energy is better.

- With LED charging indicator, it can effectively display the charging status of the handle.

- It is not necessary to connect the handle when charging, and the battery pack is directly charged by the USB charging cable.




1000mah Xbox One Battery Pack


Battery Pack+USB Cable


XboxOne Wireless Controller


Micro USB Cable


DC5V input voltage

1000mAh battery for extending X1 controller
Ni-MH battery


1.Easily attach and detach

2.Secure locking mechanism
3.Ergonomic design for X1 Controller
4.Micro USB to supply the power
5.More convenient,no need to exchange batteries
6.OEM project available


Instructions for use:

1. Charge the battery pack directly:

1.1 Connect the USB cable to a device with a standard DC5V USB output or an AC adapter.

1.2 Connect the MICRO plug of the USB charging cable to the MICRO interface of the battery pack to charge the battery pack directly:

1.3 When charging the battery pack, the indicator light of the battery pack lights up. According to the residual power of the battery, the normal charging time is about 2-6H.

1.4 The indicator light with the battery pack is a single light indicator. The light color is blue. When the light is on, the battery pack is normally connected to the power supply and will not display the charging saturation status. Charging can be completed when the normal charging saturation time is about 4H.

1.5 After charging is completed, the battery pack needs to be disconnected from the power supply. When the power is turned off, the indicator light is off.

1.6 The battery pack can be used with the above charging method when it is not installed on the handle or when it is already installed on the handle; when the battery pack is installed on the handle, the user can perform the game operation while charging.

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