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VR Glasses & Controller

Looking for vr glasses & controller manufacturers in China? Targetever Technology is a professional company here with wholesale and customized service. Welcome to place OEM & ODM orders of vr glasses & controller with our factory now.
Virtual reality wore a display device, namely the VR head show, VR glasses, spectacles VR, such as VR head show is the use of simulation technology and computer graphics, man-machine interface technology collection many kinds of technologies such as multimedia sensing technology network technology products, is have the aid of computer and the latest sensor technology to create a new means of human-computer interaction.
Virtual reality glasses VR head display device is a cross-era product. Not only let every lover with surprise and joy to experience, but also because of its birth and unknown prospects and deeply fascinated.
1. Support Apple iOS / Android / computer PC / PS3 four platforms, free root / free jailbreak / free settings;
2. Support 2.4G / Bluetooth / wired connection;
3. Fully optimize the PS4 handle structure, more suitable for the hand-shaped streamlined grip design, increase the linearity of the arc and contact area, and more reasonable central key distribution;
4.ABXY glare bright color button, showing personalization;
5. With multi-angle adjustment / stretchable / detachable bracket, G3 handle + mobile phone + bracket = mobile handheld;
6. With bursting function, effectively alleviating the fatigue of repeated buttons;
7. Support native Android / Apple MFi games, support PC games;
8. Built-in 32-bit MCU chip, 48 million operations per second, quick response, intelligent control;