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android Game Controller

Recently, there has been a craze for android gamepads, for mobile phones to play TV games, and if you haven't already, you're out. The first step in walking the rivers and lakes is to find yourself a "weapon" to take advantage of. Android game controller is the weapon.
We redefines the game controller for the purpose of improving the user's game experience, and comprehensively improves the sense of touch and control in the game; Truly achieve one-key adaptation, cross-system adaptation Andriod.
It features a concave double-precision joystick for precise 360-degree control. At the same time, it also has D-pad, four-axis positioning technology, high positioning accuracy, U-shaped curved surface design, reducing motion resistance. It supports most Android devices such as Android smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and TV boxes.
Looking for android game controller manufacturers in China? Targetever Technology is a professional company here with wholesale and customized service. Welcome to place OEM & ODM orders of android game controller with our factory now.