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Android Game Controller

Looking for android game controller manufacturers in China? Targetever Technology is a professional company here with wholesale and customized service. Welcome to place OEM & ODM orders of android game controller with our factory now.
This android game controller is a new wireless Bluetooth controller that supports different platform games on Android/ios/PC. Lightweight and compact, android game controller is a perfect standby controller. The wireless connection supports no delay free operation within 10 meters. In addition, its sophisticated dual analog joystick is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable button feel.
It is equipped with dual analog joysticks, directional keyboards, shoulder buttons, triggers, full-size grips, illuminated buttons, mode lights and rechargeable batteries.
Android Phone Game Controller supports Android Apple Storm Mirror APP, 3D broadcast, Oculus and other VR operations. At the same time, it has the functions of self-timer/music/e-book/PPT page turning, one-key switch between game and remote control, one-button conversion mouse function, and human body size.
Its ergonomic, streamlined design is suitable for more players' hands, and the matte finish has anti-slip and non-shedding effects. It supports OTG wired connection to OTG-enabled mobile phones and tablets, for Android phones, Android tablets, Android smart TVs and Android set-top boxes.